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26 July 2011

Planks For The Memories

A thoughtful reader recently sent this item my way.  I was slightly embarrassed to admit that I'd never heard of "planking" before, which led to a link to numerous examples of this practice, which somehow led to "I Can Haz Cheezburger" and other amusing diversions.  I'm not sure what a "meme" is, except that "meme" (circumflex accent over the first e) is French for "same" or "self" internet identity, perchance?

Planking is the art of propping oneself, face down, in various places, especially those generally deemed unconventional.  One image on that link showed a gentleman with head and feet lodged in opposite luggage compartments of an aeroplane.

Priests, too, are prone to such activity, although it is usually reserved for liturgical celebrations such as their ordination or Good Friday.  And nothing forbids people from planking in personal piety, unless they have a problem with their prostrate.

It was good to be transported in memory to Ordination Day (as Deacon, 10 May 2002 and as Priest, 07 June 2003), when your Reverend Blogger planked for the Kingdom of God.  This is especially needful as the priests of our diocese begin meeting with our Ordinary, who is interested in hearing our thoughts and experience on "The Beauty of the Priesthood."  Where do I begin to tell the story of how great a love can be--and more to come, I pray!

This Week in Catholic Liturgy: Use It Or Lose It

Solomon knew enough to know that he didn't know much...or at least that he wasn't quick to think on his feet.  The Lord approved of Solomon's insight and the request that followed from it.  Now, however, he needed to put the request into practice; for how else would his wisdom really make a difference?  "Wisdom is vindicated by all her children" (Lk 7:35). 

16 July 2011

This Week in Catholic Liturgy: An Enemy Has Done This

Yes, evil is in great part attributable to the bad choices that human agents make, but how else can one account for some of the crops that have shown up in God's Field, than through the unyielding efforts of the Primordial Enemy of the Kingdom of God?  It's been said that some people--the present writer included--can be their "own worst enemy," but perhaps not.  That enemy has an intellect more subtle and persistent than any found among the Sons and Daughters of Adam.

09 July 2011

This Week in Catholic Liturgy: Sow What?

God wants His Word to be known and loved by people.  Yet people are not necessarily interested in hearing that Word.  So God in His wisdom allows people to experience the full measure of restlessness, irritability, and discontentment that opens their hearts just enough to begin to receive His Word.  Then they wonder why they've waited so long.  Given the frequent and intense distractions that the world, the flesh, and the devil offer people, it's no surprise that the Gospel isn't sought with similar frequency and intensity.  But when the student is ready, the teacher will appear--and the lessons will begin.

02 July 2011

This Week in Catholic Liturgy: Messianic Transportation Apparatus

Now there's a euphemism for the ages--instead of calling myself an "ass" for the latest mistake I've made, I can substitute "Messianic Transportation Apparatus."  That better suits my baptismal identity, anyhow.  For all my foibles I have been chosen to bear the Lord of heaven and earth; and He, in His meekness, seems pleased with the choice.