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27 August 2011

This Week in Catholic Liturgy: Super Duper God

The prophet Jeremiah puts palm to forehead, wondering "How could I have let myself be taken in?"  But "taken in" more properly may be rendered seduced.  "You could say that you're leading me on / but it's just what I want You to do; / Don't You notice how hopelessly I'm lost-- / That's why I'm following You."  God's spokespersons sign a contract--or rather, enter into a covenant--that seems all fine print; and yet so many stick around!  It must be worth it.

(Incidentally, who else notices the irony in Irene as a hurricane name?  eirene: peace!)

05 August 2011

This Week in Catholic Liturgy: Against The Wind

Bishop Cullen told the assembly gathered for our ordination that my classmate and I were "walking against the wind" by becoming priests in this culture.  Just so, the boat filled with disciples was also facing opposition until Jesus came along.  Greater still was the opposition that Peter began to encounter within himself after taking the initial step onto the raging sea.  "When he saw how strong the wind was..."  But how much stronger would Peter be, because God had his back!