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05 May 2011

Purge-ery of a Different Sort

Contraceptive Contradictions is a recent offering provided by a personal favorite, the Catholic Education Resource Center. Now I present it for the honest scrutiny of the patient reader.

Fr. Pacholczyk's article relates a "hard truth" that the Catholic Church has prophetically affirmed for ages, though the modern era has called it into question one Christian denomination at a time, one circumstance at a time, until (for them) the whole house "collapsed and was completely ruined" (Mt 7:27).

Is this the only fly in the ointment? No, but one that has caused, some may say, the greatest infection. It comes down to what we as body-soul persons "say" in and through our choices. Although contraceptive intercourse is the most obvious instance of misspeaking the enfleshed word of sexual expression, Bl. John Paul II has remarked that persons married and unmarried dissimulate in their choices when the language of the their hearts is garbled. The heart is where communication originates (cf. Mt 12:34), and everyone has a heart.

The Church as a whole may accept this teaching, but not down to the last person. Such a state may, alas, never occur. All of us are invited to receive it and live it according to our state in life. Lord, you have said, "Be fruitful," but please, God, enrich our soil!

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