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15 September 2011

Spirituality, Si; Religion, No

"Spirituality, Si; Religion, No" seems to be the moderns' cry.  How much longer can this fractioning continue?  This cafeteria-style, tenuous allegiance to the Faith?

It would be a bold proposition, and I'm sure that others have made it:

What is your beef with Catholicism (whether it be in theory or in practice)?

That's right: what if there were an open forum for the airing of grievances?  They must be aired somewhere--that is, if the aggrieved were honest and bold enough to air them.  Anonymity would be a selling point, I'm sure, for those who desired it.

I won't lie: coming from the standpoint of a faithful Catholic, and a priest to boot, it is not easy to simply hear people out without the initial mental response...laced with no little suspicion.  Despite these "judgment-free" times, I don't think this sort of "countersuit" judgment would fly.  At least keep it to yourself, Father.

Am I making the offer?  Is the objector willing to be heard, let alone to hear me out?

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