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31 January 2012

But seriously…very seriously...

Cardinal-Designate Timothy M. Dolan has spoken about the recent efforts of the Obama administration to encroach upon Catholics' conscientious objection to contraceptive and abortifacient drugs.

Let everyone--Catholics in particular--be reminded: the Catholic Church continues to oppose not only direct abortion, but also pharmaceutically-induced abortion.  She also continues to oppose contraceptive drugs.  Most of all she opposes the contraceptive mentality in which people consider the formation of new human beings as a disease, or at best a situation that one should be able to separate from the pleasurable and unitive aspects of sexual intercourse.  She also opposes the rape of religious liberties, which apparently is intolerable for every other religion except for Catholicism.

Unfortunately, I suspect that many Catholics will not find any problem with what the president is mandating.  There is no harm felt by one who does not ascribe to the assailed tenets in question.

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