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15 August 2012

I Would Not Give You False Hope

O Mary, crush the head of the ancient serpent on our behalf!

(Thanks to The Anchoress for the idea.)

Consider with me the Marian and Christological implications of the song and video.  

Mary comes to the aid of her endangered children who by original sin, the effects of original sin, personal sins, and the effects of personal sins, are "laid so low in such a mysterious way."  

And "the course of a lifetime"--yours, mine, of everyone before us and since--"runs over and over again."  It seems we learn as we learn--fitfully.  

But we no longer need to lament "that strange and mournful day," for sin has had its day.  The Day of the Lord, of which the prophets so often spoke, has come to us in Jesus.  

We can speak of Our Lady's loving subordination to the Master-Plan, which as JPII has affirmed, is indeed mutual subordination.  To jump a few decades on the Billboard charts: "Woman needs man, and man must [not in terms of necessity, but out of love] have His mate [the Church]--on that you can rely."  Such is the love of the New Adam for the New Eve.

Consult Fr. Z the Greater's treatment of this mystery here.

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