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21 November 2012

A Gratitude List

Not much to say today, in light of the tremendous response to my previous post, thanks to New Advent, who posted it.  Big Pulpit has done likewise over the months with various offerings.  Also, The Anchoress and Mark Shea who have made a mention on their sites, thanks to a faithful, internet-savvy parishioner.  More to come, perhaps?

Days like Thanksgiving, times like late autumn and the end of the Church Year, lend themselves to reflection.  This year's topic is The Shipwrack-Harvest, my blog, soon to begin its third year (though its current incarnation, successor to Father Zelonis' Corner, is only a couple of months old).

I am thankful for Holy Mother Church and for her many saints and scholars who have prayed and reflected on the mysteries of faith.  I am thankful for the wise men and women of the ages, believers and non-believers, in whose minds and hearts the Holy Spirit has worked.  I am thankful for the forums that have preserved their words (from the monasteries to the internets).

I am thankful for the Internet, which was not in most people's radar 20, 25 years ago.  When I have used it gainfully, it has been a terrific gift.  The blogosphere, of which I am a later denizen than many, is an interesting place--a "veritable fruit-garden," to borrow a phrase from our founding Bishop, Joseph McShea.  I am thankful for the opportunities for evangelization, instruction, and decent self-expression that blogs provide.

I am thankful for the writing ability that blogging enables me to cultivate, as well as the truths and ideas that I have gleaned from my online peregrination.  Once again, when I was in the seminary the Internet was new to me; I used books and periodicals for research!  I used to write longhand!  I still write longhand, but I used to, too.

I am thankful for my readership--those who admit to it as "Followers" (still a strange title to me) and those who stop by from the parish website, social networks, or other places.  (+)Sister Joseph Annetta, S.S.J., my freshman and junior year English teacher, told us that "people write to be read."  God gave us a voice.  Like John the Baptist, whose voice transmitted Jesus, the Incarnate Word, I wish to be an authentic channel of Truth and Charity (not to be confused with the site, nonetheless worth mentioning).

Family, friends, teachers, parishioners, clergy, religious, whoever--whether or not you read this blog--you have contributed gainfully to my life in many ways.  Giving me life; sustaining it; providing me the Gospel, the Sacraments, and Pastoral Care; instructing me from Kindergarten to Fourth Theology; teaching me how to be a priest; and unnamed others who help me to grow in the glorious freedom of the children of God, thank you.

Even if I were to turn around and discontinue this blog someday--which could happen, given my capriciousness, and my misgivings about the spiritual and other pitfalls surrounding blogging--I would not cease to be grateful.  May my offering of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, the Divine Office, and every prayer and work redound to God's glory and your edification.

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