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31 December 2010

An invitation and a blessing

A concerned reader took issue from a post from several nights ago.  I want to offer this invitation: Know, patient reader, that constructive criticism on any aspect of this weblog is most welcome.

Of course, I submit everything to the guidance of the Church's Magisterium, knowing that much of whatever comes out of my mouth/keyboard, insofar as it is my opinion and/or mode of presentation, is suspect and subject to cautious review.

On to the good wishes for a new year: although Mass attendance for the Solemnity of the Theotokos is not obligatory this year because it falls on a Saturday, Masses are still being offered at a Catholic Church near you.  HGA: 8am only.  The first reading from the Book of Numbers (6:22-27) features the blessing that Aaron the priest and his descendants are privileged to bestow upon the Jewish people.  It is a fitting desire for God's people as a new year begins, and the Mother of God shares in His joyful and fruitful hope for that people.  The blessing of the Triune God is hers as well.  May the Church continue, like Mary, to ponder in her heart the mysteries of salvation, so that our living may better reflect them in every circumstance.

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