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24 May 2012

Come To Terms

(1) The blog Bad Catholic is for adults only.
(2) Moreover, it's for rational, passionate, imperfect aficionados of cleverness only.
(3) Mix in a bowl the characteristics in line 2, and often you get blogs like BadCath (sounds like a medical procedure gone awry, ain't?)
(4) Notice in point the third that I did not include Catholics among the terms.  If I read the combox, I suspect that not everyone who reads/appreciates BadCath is Cath.  Or, for that matter, rational, passionate, imperfect, or witfond. But, duh--all the "world wide web of deceit" is a marketplace, and all the men and women merely customers and/or merchants, with each his own skill set and ill set.
(5) So, having ingested the statements above, click if you wick.  The linked article is on the "Gay Marriage Debate," and contains numerous links that further illustrate the ideas therein.  My take-away: it is crucially important to define terms; to discern precisely what, in any given statement, a person is talking about; to know that a person may not, in any given statement, be talking about what he thinks he's talking about; precision is not the enemy; knowledge must be at the service of humility and charity.

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