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30 June 2012

Heart to Heart

Here is an interview with Leah Libresco, who has begun the process of seeking initiation into the Catholic Church.  There's a ways to go for her, and that's fine.  She is right where she needs to be at this moment.  And let's be honest: there's a ways to go for a great many of us, and we are right where we need to be at this moment.  God save us from entropy--moral, doctrinal, liturgical, spiritual, whateveral!

You gotta hand it to Christ: He founded a Church that offers herself, at once, as a haven for atheists who question and a haven for staunch traditionalists.  Minds me of a song I picked up at a Steubenville Youth Conference several years ago: "It's a big, big house, where we can play football ["touchdown!"]."  I hope we can bowl, instead.

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