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12 December 2012

You Think You've Flown Before

A priest friend of mine from the Diocese of Gallup (NM) was "sure" that Pope Benedict XVI issued his first Tweet on this day because it is the anniversary of his ordination to the transitional diaconate.

Sorry, Fr. Matt, I don't think so.

I am equally sure that he arranged to issue his first under-140-character pronouncements on the anniversary of the birth of Francis Albert Sinatra.

I am even more equally sure that Sinatra arranged to enter the Big "Big House" on the day I graduated college seminary (14 May 1998).

While attending a friend's wedding* in SoCal the following August, we were driving through Palm Springs when it occurred to me that Frank was buried there.  Ah--there's a cemetery!  Could we check it out?  Sure enough...

We stopped to say a Pater and an Ave, and maybe a Gloria Patri, and then continued our sightseeing.

"The Best is Yet to Come."  Great choice.

I'd call that the swingin'est plug for the Resurrection Life out there.  With most good love songs (written before the 1980s-90s), their "fuller sense" can be understood in reference to the divine-human relationship.

"You think you've flown before, but baby, you ain't left the ground.  Wait 'til you're locked in My embrace, / Wait 'til I draw you near / You think you've seen that sunshine place / Ain't nothin' like it here."  "The best is yet to come / come the Day (yom YHWH) you're Mine."

Lest we forget the most lasting significance of this day, behold the Guadalupana, our sneak preview into the Resurrection Life.

The Blessed Mother so disposed herself to divine beckoning that she has appeared all over the world in order to reinforce the Gospel.  Her imprimatur on Juan Diego's tilma depicts the "woman clothed with the sun" (Rev 12:1), bound with the cloth that indicated pregnancy.  Mary thus demonstrated the sanctity of human life, declared the death of human sacrifice, and facilitated the conversion of Mexico.

+ + + + +

Last and least, tap a microphone in honor of "World Sound-Check Day."

When the luna is placed into the monstrance, the "On the Air" sign illuminates.^

Spell out the date (not the YYYY version), and all will be made plain.

*The best man, whose wedding I witnessed last month, shares Sinatra's birthday.  To quote a song that Sinatra never covered, "Small World"!
^Andy Rooney Alert: Did you ever notice that a search for free "Old School Microphone" images shows almost as many tattoos of such as actuals?  O tempora! O mores!

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