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14 April 2013


On my social network news feed, a friend spoke of the current flare-up of Aurora Borealis (which I might be missing by writing this post), rueing her inability to get out of her head "that stupid Flock of Seagulls song lyric."  To wit:

I responded by citing the only song reference to Aurora Borealis that I knew of (although, when I listened to the above piece, I recognized it), namely the stellar standard "Midnight Sun."  Lady Ella's version is among the better ones out there:

I declared Fitzgerald the undisputed champion in this undeclared competition.  After the final bell and the ringside announcement, I leave the replay and post factum judgment to you, patient reader.

Substitute nearly any songster/songstress' version, and there would be no change in the verdict.  How about Carmen McRae?  Hers was the first rendition I knew, so there will always be a soft spot for it.

I take that back: June Christy's was the first version I heard, and I prefer it above the others:

Hope I catch some of the star show.

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