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29 April 2011

Notes in the Octave V: Royal Wedding

For readers interested in theological reflections concerning Prince William's long-awaited knot-tying to Kate Middleton, one must look elsewhere; instead I endeavour to provide coverage of the Wedding-Feast of the Lamb, which is already in progress.

I have no desire to be a Bishop, but I have plenty of episcopal mottos up my cassock sleeve, and any episcopabilis is most welcome to select from among them.  One example is Omnis pro Seipsum, "Every man for himself."  Another, Age. Fac ut Gaudeam, "Go ahead.  Make my day."  But seriously, folks: one real contender is from Revelation 19:7--Uxor Eius Praeparavit Se, "His Bride has made herself ready."  This last phrase is an exclamation of the heavenly hosts upon the commencement of the Royal Nuptials.  We are living in that great moment--we, the Bride of Christ, the Church.  Are we ready?

The meal is ready, at any rate: Jesus has come to the seashore, spying on the apostles who have been unsuccessful at securing provisions.  Apparently it profited them nothing to return to their day job.  Jesus is willing to give them a hand, to great effect.  Some ink has been spilt over the precise catch, 153 according to St. John.  If there is any significance to the number, I cannot say; but it's better than what they had obtained by their own unaided efforts.

The Presence of the Risen Lord in the Church prompts our repentance, our seemingly foolhardy heroism, and our success.

If you see a recently-initiated Catholic at Mass this weekend--wherever you go--congratulate him or her.  Whether you yourself are a cradle Catholic or a convert, ask the neophyte's prayers for all those whose company he or she has just joined, that (1) our lives will help sustain them through their impressionable early years, that (2) more may be inspired to inquire with the help of our example, and that (3) perhaps even one disillusioned or lapsed Catholic may soon rediscover the joy of the Communion of the Faithful.

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