Consecrated to the Heart of the Redeemer under the patronage of the Theotokos and Fr. Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J.

16 April 2011

This Week in Catholic Liturgy: Up To Jerusalem

The Week of Weeks is upon us.  We accompany our Savior to His place of death, not just to watch it happen, but to die with Him--to die to sin and selfishness.  But if to die, then also to rise from the dead, glorious and immortal.  Each Confession, each victory over sin, is a participation in this sacred journey, well worth the effort, though utterly by God's grace.  Take advantage of every available opportunity that your parish offers to unite yourself more closely to the Savior during this time.  Take a tender moment here and there to provide the conditions for Christ to enter more fully into your journey.

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