Consecrated to the Heart of the Redeemer under the patronage of the Theotokos and Fr. Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J.

19 April 2011

Notes on a Scandal I (Reflections on Holy Week)

This week is called Holy not because the rest of the year is profane, but because the holiness of this week informs the holiness of all time.  It sets the pace for the journey to Jerusalem that each of us who are baptized into Christ must make, is making.

God the Son became flesh so that He might reconcile mankind to right relationship with God--man as a whole and each of us as human persons.  We are inserted into this right relationship by Baptism, and are strengthened in this relationship by the other sacraments.  But the sacraments derive their nature and purpose from the nature and purpose of Jesus, who by being lifted up from the earth, drew all men to Himself (John 12:32). 

"Being lifted up" was Jesus' sorrowful Passion and Death upon the Cross.  In some way His "being lifted up" involved every action of His life among men, but the events of this Holy Week particularly contain and impart the gift of salvation.  It behooves us to attend the entire liturgy of Holy Week.  Work, sports, and school vie for popular attention; but if at all possible, make the sacrifice for Him who made the sacrifice for us.

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