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18 June 2011

Generation X on Spiritual Generation

Kathryn Lopez: Different sort of Father's Day is a delightful piece from a young columnist (just a few months older than the current blogger) who expresses her gratitude for the spiritual fatherhood of priests. I have linked the reader to this column not because I desire or deserve any recognition, but because the priesthood as such does, for reasons Ms. Lopez cites and more.

I am encouraged to know that the Rector of the Pontifical College Josephinum was ordained during "my time" in the seminary, as were several of the priests currently on the faculty at my Alma Mater, St. Charles Borromeo in Philadelphia, where I was privileged to be formed for the priesthood (1994-2003). By no merit of our own, we are among the fruits of Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI's vision for the Church, eager for the New Evangelization. "The time to reap has come, and the earth's harvest is fully ripe" (Rev 14:15).

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