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07 June 2011

This Too Shall Pass

Such was the title of a daily reflection for tomorrow's Scripture readings.  Both the first reading and the Gospel are concerned with the departure of an influential and inspiring person--Paul and Jesus, respectively.  Of course, Jesus is far more than an influential and inspiring person, but these qualities certainly describe the Lord of History.  The axiom "This too shall pass" refers not only to difficult periods in our lives, but to good ones as well.

Between yesterday and tomorrow (6 to 8 June) we shall have marked the graduation of the last classes from Holy Name High School and Central Catholic High School, and henceforth Berks County will have one Catholic high school.  These are sad times, no doubt, for everyone who has contributed in any way to these institutions--as alumnus/a, parent, teacher, staff, administrator, etc.  Many people may not have considered the possibility that either of these institutions would have an end as well as a beginning.  Likewise for many of the parishes in our diocese--my own parish of origin included.

It is helpful for us to keep this axiom in our minds as we experience anything, whether favorable or unfavorable.  It puts things in perspective.

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