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27 June 2011

This Week in Catholic Liturgy: Some Assembly Required

How was Moses able to remind the Israelites (of yesteryear, of future generations the world over, and us "brothers by another Mother," Mater Ecclesia) of the mighty acts of God, including wilderness trials, the provision of manna, water, physical healing, and everything else they needed, when they needed it?

How was Jesus able to tell the Jews gathered about Him, and future generations the world over, of the necessity of eating His Flesh and drinking His Blood for authentic temporal and eternal living?

How was St. Paul able to tell the factious Corinthians, and future generations the world over, that their participation in the Sacred Morsel profoundly joined them to the Host-Guest of Honor and thus to every other fellow partaker and even to those who for whatever reason are absent?

One answer starts the music and wins both Showcase Showdowns (Sacrifice and Banquet), namely this week's title.  Call it the understatement of the ages!  What an adjective!  What a participle!  What a noun!  But how would one know unless one would show?!

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