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24 February 2012

All My World's A Stage

Hypocrisy is a major theme in the Gospels.  Often Jesus uses the term in reference to Pharisees such that "Pharisee" and "hypocrite" have become synonymous.  Along the line I have heard/read that not all members of the Pharisee sect of Judaism were hypocritical, that the evangelist (usually Matthew) was  tailoring the words of Jesus to depict the struggle between the nascent Church and the synagogue from which she eventually would break.  To my knowledge not a single Pharisee has stepped forward in order to clear up this debate or to speak of his own interior state vis-a-vis the Law of Moses; nor do I expect any such "True Jerusalem Story" before the Parousia.  Until Then, perhaps this blog posting from Msgr. Charles Pope of the Archdiocese of Washington will offer some insights--not into the aforementioned debate, but rather into the true nature of hypocrisy.  Enjoy, too, the video that situates freedom from hypocrisy in one's relationship with the living God.

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