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24 February 2012

You say you want a Resolution--Well, you know, we all need to change ourselves

Young Fogeys is a fine blog.  I am passing on to you something that this priest has passed on to his readers.  There is no "infinite regress," as the philosophers say; there has to be an origin of everything, which we call God.  But human beings rightly repackage material all the time, and often they give due credit.  It all goes to show that there is little truly original material out there.  The link attached to the blog name offers several lists of Lenten resolutions for the reader to consider and adopt.

We all need to change ourselves…more accurately, we all need to be changed, as God is the Prime Mover, the one who "begets in us any measure of desire or achievement" (Philippians 2:13).  Lent always bids us walk the line of "my effort and God's grace."  It isn't meant to be a tightrope, the descent from which results in sudden death and merciless judgment.  It's just life.

I am not familiar with every recommendation on these lists, but I can say that Sacred Space is a good daily meditation site run by the Irish Province of the Society of Jesus.  The rest I can search out for myself, as you can.  Enjoy!

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