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22 February 2012

Red and Black: Not Just For Roulette

In a recent article (Clerical Narcissism and Lent | First Things) George Weigel offers an appropriate challenge to priests.

In eight and one half years as a priest, I have at times noticed chirpiness and chattiness in my own and in other priests' celebration of the Holy Sacrifice. While I have had some difficulties with the renewed translation, I strive to use it without reverting to previous phrases and vocabulary, especially those that weren't in the other text either. This is ascesis, pure and simple; and my attentiveness to it, I believe, can have salutary effects in other areas of life. There exists the phenomenon of liturgical precision that helps a rationalizing priest (or layperson, I'll bet) to casually avoid due attention to matters of morality and charity.  Of course, almost anything can be neglected in favor of anything else.

All year round, and not just in Lent, I have the opportunity to firm up the tripod of fasting, prayer, and almsgiving. By turning anew to sacrifice as the modus operandi and ars celebrandi, may all priests be "renewing renewers" for their good and the good of all His holy Church.

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