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26 July 2012

Baggage Check

The experiences and reflections of converts are worthwhile for "Cradle Catholics."  Newcomers "keep it green" for the rest of us--and we all know how easy it is to become accustomed to our beliefs and practices.  Many recent converts have 21st century communication skills, too, so we get to hear their stories on the internet, television, and radio.

Randy Hain speaks to us about Getting Rid of Excess Baggage, specifically in the Sacrament of Reconciliation.  Follow the link within his post to the Jesuit Daily Examen for a time-tested way to keep tabs on your spiritual, mental, and emotional life as it unfolds throughout each day.  Periodic self-examinations help us to subject our findings to the Sacrament with greater courage and honesty.  It's very much like cancer screenings: "Early detection saves lives."

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