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17 April 2012

And Now For Something Completely Consistent

After the last post on the Preferential Option for the Poor-in-Spirit, this share from Msgr. Pope of Washington seems like a splash of battery acid.

Well, you'll have that.  Call it "food for the poor."

Truth, charity, and clarity are to instruction like hydrogen, oxygen, and sulfur are to "oil of vitriol."*

Note especially the inserted "Cohabitation Vows" video, which speaks to this Beloved Generation with characteristic snark.  A taste of its own medicine, perhaps?  I'd bet that it was written by one of its own!  In addition, the comments below the post are intriguing as comments often are.

*I didn't know until the Wik told me that Sulfuric Acid was known as "Oil of Vitriol"--ultimately from the Latin vitrum, meaning "glass."

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