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10 April 2012

Barron Comments on Barren Churches

Watch the video above for Fr. Robert Barron's commentary on what has made "former Catholics" former.  Bad customer relations, bad preaching, bad loss prevention.  Bad, bad, bad; or maybe these can become opportunities for engagement, which most often leads to union!  Not "what did I do wrong" (convoluted self-absorption which profiteth nothing) to "what can we do more enthusiastically / more consistently /  more compassionately" (a solution-oriented, action-oriented approach).

It seems that we Catholic priests have to get over ourselves if we declare that people have to come back to us, surrender statement all rehearsed ("Father, I have sinned against heaven and against you").  We have to be willing to "waste" time with people--even (especially) the so-called crazies and the turn-on-a-dime occasionals, because you never know.  You never know.  You never know.

May God who has seen me type this bring it to fulfillment.

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