Consecrated to the Heart of the Redeemer under the patronage of the Theotokos and Fr. Gerard Manley Hopkins, S.J.

07 April 2012


Before I review the new rendering of the Exultet (Easter Proclamation) I want to take a moment to extend the blessings of the Risen Lord to all of you, patient readers, and to your families--especially to any loved ones who are ill or dying.

Just now I was distracted by listening to HymnProvisations, an album of improvisations of hymns (as the clever title says).  Lovely renditions in which the originals are easily detected, though enveloped in rich chords and exciting ornamentations.  As a church organist improvisation was the kind of thing I enjoyed --"letting my fingers do the walking," I'd have called it.  Check for it on iTunes.

Catholics are not obligated to attend the Vigil or the other Triduum celebrations.  Given the centrality of the Triduum in the Church's existence and meaning, why wouldn't a person want to attend these liturgies, if at all possible?

Be consoled and challenged by the promise of this holy night.  Even if you attend Mass on Easter Day instead of the Vigil, come early (if only to ensure that you have a seat).  If your parish uses missalettes, take one out of the pew and look at the readings from the Vigil.  Look at the Exultet.  Discover the rich symbolism in our faith.  Pray to be receptive to His grace to avoid sin and to cultivate virtue, as this holy Day invites us.

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