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04 April 2012

I Spy

Msgr. Charles Pope, one of my favorite bloggers from the Archdiocese of Washington, offers a reflection for Spy Wednesday in the linked posting.

He speaks about a familiar topic, the "sins of the clergy."  While the most noted sin in our day is sexual abuse, Pope notes that it is not the only one.  To which I would add some personal reflections:

Priests are not "above" our people in the sense of worthy of privileges or exempt from rules, and whenever I have taken advantage of that for personal gain, I recognize fault.  Priests are not above the mundane tasks or sufferings of everyone else, and whenever I have believed or acted so, I recognize fault.  Priests are not to exploit people's sense of respect for them or their fear of God for personal satisfaction (ego-boosting), and whenever I have acted so, I recognize fault.

Priests are, by and large, aware of our lofty calling and grave responsibility before God and people.  This and every day I want to be answerable to the Lord and His people; I will seek an opportunity not to hand Him over but rather to give myself to Him.

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