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12 September 2012

A Day In the Life

First, a word of thanks to the reader who recommended me to Catholic superblogger Mark Shea ("Catholic and Loving It").  His posting has garnered some more "followers" for SH.  Cheers, Mark!  Keep up the good work!

I heard the Confessions of our grade school students today.  Last night was the opening night of our public schoolers' Religious Education program.  Several times a week I am encountering brand-new or recently registered parishioners, someone who would like to sponsor a person for Baptism or Confirmation, a family who would like their child baptized, a parishioner in the hospital whom I might otherwise not see.

Are these shipwracks or harvests?

Lord, help me to manifest Your charity and truth to every person and in every situation.  Uproot from me the cynicism that hinders conversion (the other person's, and my own).  Help me to see and to show plentiful opportunities for growth.  Thank you for making me a new creation, and for enabling me to play a part in Your saving work.

Off to the hospital, then back for the sacramental preparation of a young adult.

This is the Life.

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