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04 September 2012

Over The Waves, Revisited

While my previous posting concerned a transmission across airwaves, this posting posits me in the midst of a tempestuous sea.

The situation isn't as dramatic as it sounds.

For some time I have been considering the creation of a blog by the name of The Shipwrack-Harvest.  Strange, that I had a name for it before I had a purpose.  But that's the Internet for you, making it easier to "shoot first and ask questions later."  Shoot I did, with this result:

Wow--for the very first time I just took a "screenshot" on my computer!  I've done it numerous times on my phone (though only once on purpose).  This demonstrates to you, patient reader, how far I've come.

Unlike St. Paul, who considered himself in no way inferior to the "superapostles" (2 Cor 11:5), I have questioned my own effectiveness as a blogger.  Some have suggested better--or any--marketing; I proffer ongoing refinement of writing skills and general discipline (with special emphasis on reading, reflecting, and writing).  With the advent of SH, I suspect I will be further "burdened with much serving" (John 10:40).

Not unlike the vessel after which this new blog is named, I don't know how SH will end up.  I may decide to funnel everything into it, to let it capsize, or to balance blogwork betwixt the two.

My decision may come quickly; but so may Christ, rendering deliberation unnecessary.  Meanwhile, I like the title and the concept, so we'll see.

My readership is most welcome to contribute opinions, as one reader has done.  Meanwhile, the "one thing necessary" (Luke 10:42)--pastoral activity--will not abate.  Fine by me!

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  1. Yay! Good for you Father! I love the layout. Did you tweet this? Maybe there's a hashtag for Hopkins? : )

    You may have to start your own! Congrats!