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07 September 2012

Name That Hymntune!

Our parish school, like many schools around the Diocese, conducts or participates in an annual Walk-a-Thon to raise much-needed funds.  The whole shebang begins with a motivational assembly, which basically riles up the kids to thump the tub for the event.

As one component of the assembly, Your Rev'd Blogger was asked to come up with a dozen or so hymns and clues for people to guess those hymns.  When prompted, he will play the first notes of the hymn for a student to

Name That Hymntune!

...and win some sort of fabulous prize, I guess.  It's all about the fabulous prizes.

Are you, patient reader, more song-savvy than a 5th grader?  Without googling or flipping through your hymnal, riddle me this:

"Sometimes it causes me to tremble,” but above all Jesus’ death and resurrection cause us to be grateful—especially when we sing this hymn during Lent.

Playing for God on “glad tambourines” and letting “your trumpet sound” are two ways this song tells us to live by its title.

Whether He is received by “Gentile or Jew, servant or free,” the Lord’s Eucharistic Presence unites the singers of this song.

That's only a sampling of the selections being asked of our students this morning.  Feel free to leave a comment below if you dare to guess.


  1. 1. Were you there?
    2. Sing a New Song
    3. One Bread, One Body
    How'd I do? :)

  2. Battin' a thousand! You will receive the complimentary home version of the game, made by Parker Brothers.

  3. Sounds good! Perhaps you can develop a made for TV version? I hear Wink Martiindale is looking for a gig!